Every year, thousands of immigrants arrive to Calgary with great futuristic ambitions for themselves and their families. As RIS understands the challenges that may be potentially faced by these hopeful individuals, we have developed programs that are aimed at assisting and supporting newcomers along their settlement process.

Our programs continue to come to work towards increasing the ability of immigrants and refugees to enhance their economic independence by accessing services and resources, and enabling them to contribute to the social, cultural and economic vibrancy of Calgary.

A team of multicultural counselors provide settlement assistance in over 16 languages. Services are offered at CCIS's main office, the Calgary International Airport, at the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre, Shawnessy Library, Genesis Center and SORCe.



  • A gradual process by which new residents become active participants in the economic, social, civic, cultural and spiritual affairs of the new country.
  • A long-term process which begins with settlement and which is a two-way process involving adjustment and accommodation on the part of the newcomer and the community. 
  •  Generally refers to acclimatization and the early stages of adaptation.