It would be natural to assume that the Resettlement and Integration division is synonymous with our Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre (MCRC), as many of our resettlement staff are housed in the apartment complex in Bridgeland. However, our resettlement services extend beyond those four walls. Resettlement staff are located at the main office downtown to provide services to clients who arrive at our door in need of assistance. Furthermore, resettlement staff can often be found at various locations throughout the city, including but not limited to; the YYC airport, Calgary Public Library (Central & Shawnessy locations), North of McKnight, Genesis Centre and SORCe. These outreach programs provide us the opportunity to offer greater access to support services that enable government assisted refugees to transition to a new life in Calgary. Resettlement & Integration also offers several programs specific to refugee children and youth.

Our programs are designed to assist in the independence of our clients, build capacity within the family structure and enhance their economic success. Our team of multicultural counselors provide settlement assistance in over 16 languages.