Centre for Refugee Resilience

Centre for refugee resilience

A program that supports immigrants, refugees, and their families after trauma. We embrace strengths-based, holistic practices that recognize and build on inherent resilience. We offer accessible, culturally-appropriate services that address trauma.

How we Journey Together:

Trauma-Focused Therapy for all Ages

• Individual therapy for children and youth, with outreach available
• Individual therapy for adults on-site
• Family therapy
• Parent support
• Psycho-education workshops for individuals and their families
• Social support groups

Case Coordination

• Specialized and ongoing support to care for holistic needs of individuals and families
• Referrals to settlement and community services

Volunteer Support

• Matched relationship between Canadian volunteers and families who have been in Canada for less than a year
• Relationship fosters healing through practical support and friendship
• Weekly commitment for one year with training provided

Community Education

• Workshops, presentations, and trainings for service providers and community members
• Hands-on information sessions about mental health awareness and promotion for groups of newcomers
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First Language Support

• Services provided in first language through interpretation support, as needed


• Consultation is available to professionals, community members, and sponsors

• Contact the program to request a consultation. You will be put in contact with program staff who can meet your consultation needs

This program is funded by: