Cultural Diversity ServicesCultural Diversity Services offers workshops, resources and tools which enhance intercultural competency within CCIS and the communities of Calgary and Southern Alberta.


This workshop explores the concept of cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency. Participants examine their own cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes, their work environment and work practices to become more conscious and culturally responsive in their daily interactions with others.

All workshops can be customized to meet the clients’ needs and are offered at no cost.
Suggested minimum length: 3.5 hours in a small group discussion
(Up to 25 people per session)




Services Provided

Cultural Diversity Resource Centre
A virtual and physical location where various web-links, articles, tools, books, and videos may be found and utilized. As well, a resource person is readily available to consult with you regarding cultural diversity issues and refer you to other programs and resources, if necessary.

Cultural Diversity Dialogues (Learning Circles)
Informal round-table conversations in which participants can network and discuss important issues surrounding cultural diversity; giving everyone a chance to learn from each others' experiences, challenges and triumphs.

Cultural Diversity Workshops
Workshops vary in content and length depending on the target audience. Topics may include self-awareness, culture dynamics, intercultural skills, communication, inclusion in the workplace, and many others.

Youth Cultural Ambassador Training (Y-CAT)
Cultural diversity training for youth within a school or community setting. This training provides youth with tools for self-reflection, inter-cultural communication, conflict resolution and acceptance of others.

Outreach to Ethnocultural Groups
Engaging and welcoming ethnocultural groups into the broader community through discussions on cultural diversity.


Provided For

  • Community Partners
  • School Staff and Students
  • Businesses and Organizations
  • Ethnocultural Groups
  • CCIS Staff, Volunteers and Alumni




  • Participants gain new knowledge, skills and understanding of the needs and contributions of culturally diverse newcomers.
  • Participants have increased cross-cultural competency.
  • Organizations improve their ability to understand and work with culturally diverse staff, clients, or customers.
  • Members of culturally diverse groups become more engaged in supporting newcomer settlement and participate more fully in the community.
  • Participants are involved in ongoing discussions which results in ongoing diversity learning and development.


Contact Us

Sinela Jurkova
Phone: 403.290.5134