Cultural Diversity ServicesCultural Diversity Services offers workshops, resources and tools which enhance intercultural competency within CCIS and the communities of Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Cultural Competence Educational Program

With continuous trans-national migration, global interconnectivity, communication and business, the acquisition of cultural competence is an essential attribute for providing service, interacting with, and navigating through, diverse cultures within our society while integrating different identities and perspectives. Cultural Competence is a learning commitment that facilitates socio-cultural adaptation and interaction in a dynamic society, recognizing different worldviews. Our Cultural Competence Program will help to embrace the rich dimensions of Canadian diversity- with respect and humility for individual uniqueness.

Our journey for diversity and inclusion continues under the new circumstances of COVID-19 and social distancing. To fulfill the journey, we have modified the format of our sessions to make them available online by request.

Sessions |

  1. Enhancing Cultural Sensitivity and Developing Cultural Competence
  2. Communicating Across Cultures: How COVID-19 affected our interaction and communication
  3. Trans-cultural Model for Building Inclusive Society

Format |

Live on-line sessions of 1.5 hours delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform. These sessions are free of charge.

The Presenter |

SINELA JURKOVA holds a PhD in Research Education and Adult Learning from the University of Calgary and an MA in Communication and Culture. Her areas of specialization include intercultural communication and competence, strategies for diversity, and theories and practices for inclusive education. She has published in academic journals and presented numerous workshops about cultural competency, ethnic diversity and integration, and has participated in international academic conferences related to the topics above. She has been involved in many non-profit organizations, advisory committees, local and international community initiatives and research projects. She is a member of national and international academic associations related to educational research, international comparative education, adult learning, international migration and ethnic studies.

For more information or to book a session contact:

Upcoming Session |

April 23 | 1-3 pm | MS Teams

A free online public session.

Enhancing Cultural Sensitivity and Developing Cultural Competence

The following topics will be discussed:

  • culture and diversity beyond ethnicity and religion
  • exploring and reflecting our cultural values, beliefs, stereotypes and biases
  • strategies and paths to increase our skills and knowledge in developing cultural competence

Sign up before 12 noon on Tuesday, April 20. Email your registration to: