Regional Outreach

The Regional Outreach Program is a community development project designed to work with different ethnic communities and service providers to:

  • Develop and plan workshops aimed at building capacity and providing tools in the areas of parenting, effective communication, healthy relationships, opportunities for connections /volunteering, accessing services and other similar areas. This approach fosters civic engagement, builds resident capacity to reduce isolation, improves communication skills and provides access to resources.
  • Plan community forums with service providers, giving ethno-cultural communities opportunities to share their challenges related to integration, and learn about, and connect with, mainstream organizations. Members of the community build skills and are trained to present on a wide variety of topics.
  • Plan initiatives that address community issues/systemic issues through engaging volunteers to take on informal and formal leaderships roles, enhancing their experiences and broadening their networks. This approach helps to identify the most vulnerable people in our communities and also supports broader community development initiatives.

By working with ethno-cultural communities and service providers, this program fosters the bridging of social capital, and increases social participation.