Connect Calgary | Social Recreation ProgramThe Connect Calgary Program builds on our expertise in providing programs which are  culturally responsive and meaningful for refugee and immigrant children.

The program follows a model of group-orientated activities, with social emotional learning informally embedded in all activities. Formal English literacy-based programming and events are an important aspect of what we do.

The program is offered through a foundational partnership between CCIS and the City of Calgary Community Neighbourhoods.  Programs co-designed and co-facilitated by both partners, including shared staff.

We provide newcomer families with programming in their own neighbourhoods and ensure that our clients are connected to all the services they require to resettle.  

Connect Calgary is currently offered in tandem with rotating Calgary After School programs, on Non-Instructional School days, during the summer months, and with the Culturally Positive Parenting Program in our Parent Link Family Resource Centre.

We believe that by building positive relationships with supportive adults and connecting our refugee and immigrant youth to community resources, we can help them experience healthy social development,  while ensuring their successful resettlement in the Calgary community.   

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