The Culturally Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) was developed to support newcomer families by offering first language, culturally appropriate parenting programs that introduce an understanding of the norms and expectations of the parent-child role in Canada.

The program is facilitated by the multi-lingual staff in our Parent Link Family Resource Centre.

Triple P Parenting is one of the most rigorously researched and proven methods to produce results such as a reduction in problem behaviour in children, and improvements in parent’s well-being and parenting skills. 

We have paired the existing Triple P model with our Cultural Brokerage experience to develop a Culturally Positive Parenting Program that supports families in a sensitive and responsive way which  speaks to the range of personal experiences, as well as the cultural values and practices which accompany resettlement in a new country.


The program runs a seminar series consisting of five (5) two (2)-hour workshops. Some topics include:

  • Power of Positive Parenting: Balancing Two Cultures
  • Developing Good Relationships with Teens and Children
  • Safe Screen Time
  • Managing Misbehavior
  • Family Violence and Abuse
  • Understanding the Rights of Gender Diversity
  • Factors that Influence Behaviour

The program was designed to be delivered in first language in order to support parenting in a Canadian context.

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