Foreign Nationals Support

Previously known as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Community Support Services provides a supportive framework for foreign nationals in possession of work permits, post-graduate open work permits, and their dependents. We aim to develop self-reliance and adaptability for those who live and work in Alberta.

The objective of the program is to foster self-reliance and adaptability while our clients live and work in Alberta, whether it is temporarily, or as they transition to permanent residents.

The program works collaboratively with government agencies, employers, educational institutions, communities and other relevant stakeholders to establish best practices and strategies which create positive experiences for our clients, as we pro-actively facilitate their integration into the workplace.

By understanding the barriers foreign nationals face, we act as a bridge in creating solutions that benefit the employment partnership and create a long-term and sustainable workforce strategy.

We work out of offices in Calgary, Brooks, High River and Banff and conduct outreach activities in other southern Alberta locations.

In Banff we work in partnership with the Town of Banff.




 Foreign Nationals SupportWe offer numerous information sessions, workshops, Social Café’s, recreational & social events and excursions around Alberta. Some examples include;

1. Understanding your rights and responsibilities
2. Pathways to Permanent Residency
3. Settlement services for your family
4. Budgeting and income tax filing
5. Social Café’s (Topics include: Understanding Canadian Culture, Building Your Self-Esteem, Mental Health and Wellness, Labour Exploitation: Understanding and Getting Help)
6. Recreational and Social events


Jessica Juen| Program Coordinator| | 403.290.5113| Calgary
Magno Daria| | 403.290.5112 | Calgary
Ana DeLeon| | 403.290.5114 | Calgary
Kofi Adu-Parko| | 403.362.0404 | Brooks
Rene Dumont| | 403.763.1700 | Banff

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