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Every year, thousands of children are uprooted from their homes and countries to immigrate to a new country for a safe refuge or to escape extreme poverty. The Refugee Child Enhanced Integration Project was created to provide these children with extra support to deal with any resettlement issues which may have an impact on their emotional and academic performance. There are currently 150 children from 12 countries in 31 schools in Calgary who are faced with a major life change. With your support, we can continue to provide services for these children.

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Join us in working to allow these students to focus on their academic performance, thereby becoming successful Canadian citizens.

Success Story 

Ali (pseudonym) is a sixteen year old teenager who came from Syria, but was originally from Somalia. He arrived with his mom and younger sister. When Ali first started school, his teachers were very concerned about him because he began to isolate himself from his peers. He was withdrawn and didn't like school because he was afraid that others would make fun of him for the way he spoke English. He seemed depressed, and his family began to worry about him and was unsure about what to do.

aliAs part of intervention, RCEIP staff visited him in his home to find out what was going on. Staff believed that the best way to get him out of his shell was to use a Buddy Match. Staff introduced Ali to a another high school refugee student from the same cultural background. He committed to spending a few hours a week with Ali socializing and taking part in sports, such as soccer. Ali was also referred to attend two weeks of a summer camp dance program where he became the star of the performance. As others lined up to get his autograph and picture, staff were glad to see his self esteem increasing!

Ali is now a part of a community soccer team. He also took part in dance audition at school and was chosen to be part of the Young Canadians dance troupe. He has grown more confident and has become more approachable to other students. His interest in school has turned around and he now looks forward to going to school with his friends. Ali’s teachers report that he is doing well in school and there are no concerns with him. His family is happy that his spirits have lifted and he is integrating much better into his new life in Canada.