Mani Khaghani


Mani moved to Canada from Iran as a professional petroleum engineer in 2007, Mani was not able to find job in his field of expertise, so he started working survival jobs till he found CCIS Oil & Gas Training Programs.

Mr. Khaghani joined the Drilling Rig Hand Training Program in 2010, and all his wishes come true. After completing the program successfully with the help of Bob Khan the OGTP director he was offered to start a new carrier with one of the major Alberta and International corporation in oil and gas “Weatherford Canada” as MWD ‘Measurement while drilling”

Yes now I can breathe, now I can tell to all my family and friends my journeys with CCIS Oil & Gas Training programs that helped me to achieve my dream.

Mani was head hunted by Halliburton Canada after working several year with Weatherford, now he is working as Directional Driller.



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Success Stories

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