Marion Petilos


Perseverance, Patience and Optimism

I grew up in the Philippines. After I completed and acquired my license as a civil engineer in 1990, I worked for in a multi-national construction company in the Philippines for a short period of time. In 1992, I was employed with the Department of Public Works and Highways and was in charge of the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges in the city.

I arrived in Calgary on June 8, 2012 with my husband and two children. The decision we made for this tran-sition was not an easy one. Upon arrival, I experienced various ordeals and burdens. Frustration was at the verge while seeking employment, when I started to realize that I needed to start from scratch tobecome an engineer again, and that I should convince myself to accept the reality. Yet, I was determined to get what I really wanted. Being optimistic and self – confident are important qualities that you need at all times.

Being accepted into the CCIS Engineering and Technology Upgrading Program helped me a lot to make my job search a short agony. I am lucky that out of 300 applicants for the program, I was accepted as one of 15 students. Through this, we were oriented in employment preparations, cross cultural understanding, skills upgrades and industry work experience. All of these supplemented my optimism, confidence and determination. And there is a bonus! I gained more self-esteem.

Frustrations and reluctances were put aside.

I am proud to report, as a result of this program, I received a job offer from a prestigious organization in Calgary for engineering work.

I must admit that I missed my former job in the Philippines for a short period of time, but here I am – back into my world of expertise. I am certain that this feeling is not only happening to me, but to the rest of my classmates.

At the end of the day, I am proud to say that I am one step ahead on the ladder to success and more achievements are coming my way. Be patient, optimistic, keep your self-esteem up and be professional at all times! I believe in a line I have read in a magazine article, “Self esteem determines who we are and where we are going”. These are the main spices in attaining our goals! Not to forget, perseverance should always be there.



Marion, (front row, fourth from the right) with her classmates at their engineering graduation ceremony

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