As a leader in the field of integration, CCIS is pleased to introduce a new educational initiative for our staff and interested settlement practitioners.




Walter MacDonald White Bear


We believe that through understanding and appreciation of the Indigenous experience, we will be better positioned to serve our community and our clients. 

1- Each training session is one (1) day only: 9.00 am-4.30 pm.
2- Lunch will be provided.
3- Each training session will be held off-site. (Location TBA)
4- Maximum 30 participants per session.
5- For your convenience, we have selected five (5) different days for you to choose from; August 30, September 13, 20,21 and October 3.




Topics to be covered (but not limited to) are:

  1. The symbolic meaning of the Medicine Wheel/The Cycle of life
  2. Symbolism within the culture: Eagle feathers, Sweet grass, Elders
  3. Impact of colonization and residential schools
  4. Understanding lateral violence and internalized oppression
  5. Building healthy relationships- strategies of moving forward
  6. Understanding the Native worldview and the similarities and the differences of the western worldview
  7. Dispelling the myths and stereotypes of Native people.

The objective of the training is to create a safe space for people to ask questions about Canada’s first peoples.


Walter MacDonald White Bear

Walter has over 25 years of experience working within the education system and social services sector; working with First Nation youth and families. Walter earned his BA in General Studies at the University of Calgary and has been following the traditional teachings for over 25 years. Walter brings a wealth of experience and workshop skills respectful of all worldviews. Facilitated in a positive approach and delivered in a highly educational and theatrical style, utilizing contemporary music as well as traditional music.

Walters’s facilitation skills come from a place of spirit channeled through heart-felt music, personal stories and traditional teachings that have been passed on by sweat lodge holders and pipe carriers. He also speaks about the power of choice, compassion for all worldviews and the “special gift “ that all human beings were born with.

Walter also highlights the effect of lateral violence and internalized oppression and how colonization has had a powerful impact with sharing the traditional Aboriginal worldview.
Walter uses music and stories to connect with various audiences on a personal level. He shares his teachings openly, coming from a place of spirit that is a refreshing change. Connecting people with their gifts provides tools for a different outlook on their journey. Walter has been sharing cultural teachings from a variety of teachers of Cree, Blackfoot, Ojibwa, Odawa, Saulteaux and Métis’ Nations ancestry.
His website is: