Networking for Success offers newcomers with professional backgrounds the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and fellow professionals.
Monthly events include: Networking for Professionals Breakfast Meetings, Small Business Networking Sessions and Youth Networking Meetings.

Networking for Professionals Breakfast Meetings

Discuss the latest trends in business and connect with industry leaders over breakfast. Attendees can make exciting connections and hear expert guest speakers present different topics in a professional and accommodating setting.
Monthly meetings are held in collaboration with the Calgary Petroleum Club, community partners and members of Calgary’s business community.

Small Business Networking Sessions

Are you a newcomer looking to start a small business? Join our Networking for Success Small Business Networking Sessions and hear seasoned entrepreneurs present on different topics that outline how to run a successful business in Calgary.
Monthly events are held in collaboration with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and with the support of community partners.

Youth Networking Meetings

Newcomer youth (ages 18 - 24) will receive guidance on Canadian hiring practices, professional communication skills training and ways to achieve their education goals in Canada.
Monthly meetings are held in collaboration with community partners, educational institutions and members of Calgary’s business community.

On-Line Networking for Success Events
The On-Line Networking for Success Meetings are montly events hosted through the CCIS Networking platform. The purpose of this alternative approach to networking is to provide CCIS clients with a fresh and dynamic on-line experience. 
The On-Line Networking for Success Events feature established key note speakers who address current and insightful topics. These presentations generate conversation among participants about the latest trends in the workforce and emerging industries; allowing participants to keep a pulse on the job market and meet prospective mentors, talented collaborators and potential employers/employees.

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