You are a newcomer to Canada with overseas experience in the oil & gas industry, and are looking to launch your career in an emerging sector.  We can help you do just that! Our New Directions Program is specifically designed to cater to this urgent need.  Our 5-day workshop provides deep insights into emerging industries in Alberta, and prepares you for a successful career transition.

We focus on six (6) industry specialties:

1. High Tech

2. Fin Tech

3. Clean Technology/Renewable Energy

4. Petro-Chemicals

5. Supply Chain & Logistics

6. Agri-Tech


  • You are a newcomer to Canada.
  • You have previously worked in the oil & gas industry outside of Canada.
  • You are looking to transition to other emerging sectors.
  • You have completed a job search workshop.

 bamner New Career Directions for Newcomer Professionals