This program is designed for immigrant and refugee children and youth ages 3-18, and their families, with a history of trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Eligible youth and their families are confronted with significant challenges related to trauma, migration, and resettlement stress.

We provide a variety of culturally sensitive support services for immigrant and refugee families and the supporting community, including individual and group therapy, parent support, as well as outreach educational services to schools, professionals, and community organizations.

 We strive to promote health and healing in children, youth, and their families.

This program is funded by:

Alberta Health Servcies



Eligible children or youth may be experiencing:

  • Therapy-Roomthe impact of violence
  • the impact of being forced to leave their country
  • significant loss or anxiety
  • regressive behaviors
  • intense physical reactions or symptoms
  • nightmares and/or flashbacks
  • loss of interest and pleasure in activities
  • depression, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts
  • avoidance of activities, places or people
  • irritability, restlessness, and/or difficulty concentrating
  • feelings of mistrust or betrayal
  • anger, guilt, or shame


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