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  • The Canadian-born workforce is shrinking and the demand for labour is growing.

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The Untapped Market

Solutions-Based Services to Connect with Skilled Newcomers


  • The Canadian-born workforce is shrinking and the demand for labour is growing.
  • Annual labour force growth - once as high as 4% - could slow to 0.2% by 2021 (Statistics Canada Catalogue number 91-551-X).
  • Canada has the largest per-capita immigration rate in the world (Dolan and Young, 2004), at approximately 250,000 immigrants per year.
  • The largest immigration category is economic immigrants, highly skilled and educated individuals to meet the needs of our evolving economy.
  • “Only 4 out of 10 skilled immigrants are able to find employment that is commensurate to their education and experience”. (, 2014)
  • CCIS’ Business, Employment and Training Services division provides information and support to over 4,000 immigrant and refugee clients annually.
  • From 2009 to 2014, approximately 12,000 of the clients who accessed CCIS employment services were professionals with extensive skills, experience, and expertise in specific fields and trades.
  • Immigrants are a key resource for building and strengthening Canada, particularly in light of our aging population, declining birth rate and the global competition for talent.

Partner with Us

  • Energy & Oil & Gas Industry

    Through the design and delivery of customized training programs, as well as our recruitment and screening services, CCIS can help you address your emerging and evolving workforce needs by connecting you with an untapped pool of highly qualified, employment-ready immigrant professionals.
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  • Professional Engineers

    CCIS will help you address your hiring needs by connecting you with our pool of internationally experienced, highly skilled, and employment-ready Engineers.
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  • Constructions & Trades

    Graduates of CCIS’ customized training programs are highly skilled, provincially certified, and ready for employment in construction and trades.
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  • Manufacturing

    CCIS has a leading reputation for our ongoing collaborations with manufacturing companies. Through these partnerships, we have developed recruitment, selection and training strategies to provide the manufacturing industry with highly skilled, job-ready workers in a variety of roles and trades.
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  • Service Industry

    Through our recruitment and selection processes, as well as our employment readiness programs, CCIS can connect you with enthusiastic job-seekers who have the employability, communication, and interpersonal skills to excel in the service industry.
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  • Retail Industry

    CCIS has established many long-term successful partnerships with employers from the retail industry. Click here to learn how we can connect you with a pool of pre-screened, employment-ready job-seekers.
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