Family & Children's Services

The Family & Children's Services Division operates on a holistic, strength-based philosophy, to:

  • facilitate the integration of families and children into the community,
  • enhance the provision of services to newcomers by community resources,
  • strengthen families and the community, and
  • promote the healthy development of children.

Our programs and services are open to all families, though we specialize in services to immigrant families. It is made up of three programs, the Parent Link Centre, the New Canadian Children in Calgary project, and the Family Resource Centre. They offer a range of social, educational and recreational programs and activities for children, youth and parents.

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Children's Services

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    Adventures in the Sun (Summer Camp)

    Activities include library visits, field trips, outdoor exploration and science experiments. Healthy lunches are provided. Read More
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    You will be working on hand-building techniques which include, pinch, coil, slab and hollow building. Read More
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    Home Alone Safely

    Designed to empower children and parents to openly talk about the freedoms, responsibilities and concerns for children who are home alone. Read More
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    Out of School Care

    Staff provide students with homework assistance, create art projects, provide outdoor exploration and participate in a variety of games. Read More
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    Children become more enthusiastic and confident when reading and you can learn how to engage your child in literacy activities. Read More
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    Youth Connections - Elementary

    Matches Canadian students and newcomer students within a school setting, by introducing them to the school, meeting new friends. Read More
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Co-Parenting Tip Sheets

CCIS and the authors of the material advise that these materials are not intended to replace any counselling, therapeutic and/or legal intervention that may be required in addition to this information, for families experiencing separation/divorce.Further, these materials have not been developed for use with families experiencing family violence, substance abuse and/or mental health issues, such as personality disorders. In those cases, professionals skilled in these areas should be consulted. CCIS and the authors assume no responsibility for use of these materials.

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