Support for Arrivals from Afghanistan

What We Do
Our experienced staff is ready to offer our expertise in helping those from Afghanistan settle comfortably in a new environment. We assist with:
  • Government documents.
  • Getting children registered in school.
  • Making connections to community resources and support organizations.
  • Finding temporary accommodation.
  • Finding volunteers to welcome newcomers and introduce them to the city.
  • Job search, resume writing and networking.
  • Trades training and employment preparation.
  • Introduction to the Canadian workplace.
  • English language classes
What You Can Do
  • Volunteer to be a support person for a new family. Details here. (Link to volunteer page)
  • Support financially. 100% of all donations provided through CCIS go directly to the refugees.
  • Provide a new or slightly used stroller to a new mom. Contact
  • Support the numerous local organizations accepting donations of clothing and furniture for refugees.