Volunteer Resources guides the efforts of volunteers who offer their skills in support of our 70+  programs and services.  We are proud of our relationship with over 1,800 volunteers.

Volunteering is about giving freely of your time, energy and talent to a cause or organization you believe in. It is your commitment to the community you call home.


  1. Meet new people & build your network.
  2. Acquire new skills and abilities.
  3. Participate in the community.
  4. Share cultural perspectives and traditions.
  5. Experience Calgary in a different way.

Opportunities within CCIS

  • Befriend a refugee family and help them settle in Calgary.
    • Our volunteer matching program, Community Connections For Newcomers, matches local Calgarians with new arrivals to introduce them to our city and province.
  • Centre for Refugee Resilience
  • Language support.
    • We look for a wide cross-section of languages that reflect our current client base.
  • Support for youth. Tutoring | Mentorship | Activities
  • Professional mentors and speakers.
  • Administrative support.
  • Involvement in activities for seniors.
  • A helping hand for events.

Community Opportunities

CCIS has volunteer opportunities in our rural locations as well, including Brooks, Banff, Strathmore, Cochrane, High River and Okotoks.


Start Making a Difference

Decide on the type of experience you want.

Research through websites, social media and friends or family.

Pick your three (3) favourite options.

Apply to volunteer!

To apply contact Lily Cai | 403.290.5753 | 


Volunteer Resource Guide

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